Custom Polymer Solution for a Surface Water Treatment Plant

Surface Water Treatment Plant
Surface Water Treatment Plant

At Fort Bend Services, we have the technical depth to pinpoint effective customized polymer solutions for improving operations at surface water treatment facilities. Locating us through a positive word-of-mouth referral from an existing customer, a nearby facility engaged us to address an operational bottleneck. Tiny floc particles forming in their clarifiers were settling at a very slow pace, prematurely clogging filters and negatively impacting water turbidity.

Recognizing that a jar test was in order, we dispatched our field team, equipped with a four-stage stirrer, to inject various dosages of a coagulant supplemented by a DADMAC polymer until optimal coagulation was achieved. After sharing the test results with the customer, they agreed the polymer system would solve the issue and return their operation to peak efficiency. We configured and installed a dosing system incorporating two metering pumps and upgraded their process piping to accommodate this modern system in their older facility. Within 24 hours, our customer was already observing measurable improvement, and this treatment plan allowed them to boost throughput while meeting regulatory standards for water turbidity.

From an economic standpoint, this project provided significant advantages. Reduction in use of the primary coagulant offset the cost of the polymer additive, and longer filter life saved additional expense. Within the first full year, our system helped the customer significantly reduce their overall treatment budget. Since then, we have engaged with them on several other projects.

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Custom Polymer Solution Project Highlights

Project Scope
Help to settle Pinfloc formed in clarifiers at the surface water treatment plant.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Site Field Testing
  • Jar tests were performed using a four stage gant stirrer with different polymer and coagulant dosages.
Water Treatment Equipment Used
Once implemented on the plant, Two LMI metering pumps were used.
One for the primary coagulant and one for the polymer.
Water Treatment Chemicals Used
The chemicals used were liquid aluminum sulfate (primary coagulant and FBS 587C-Polymer (DADMAC).
  • Reduction of Primary Coagulant
  • Offset the cost of Additive-Dadmac
  • Better Water Quality
  • Increased Filter Life
Industry for Use
Surface Water Treatment
Project Timeframe
Once implemented, it only took one day to set up equipment and start treatment.
Results in 24 hrs.
Plant Location
Industry Standards Met
This treatment allowed plant to meet finished water turbidities enforced by standards.