Send Samples to Fort Bend Services

Polymer Evaluation

Sample Requirements

Sludge Sample

Industrial sample
Municipal sample

5 gallons needed (per application)
2-3 gallons needed (per application)

Ship samples with next day delivery

Current Product Sample


10mls needed
3-5 grams needed

Note: Contact your sales representative for the appropriate shipping address in your region.

Information Needed

  • Plant Name and Location
  • Plant Type (municipal or industrial)
  • Type of Waste (grease, bio, ect.)
  • Sample PH
  • Sample Location
  • What is plants avg. flow (MGD)
  • Current Polymer Supplier
  • Polymer Dosage or Amount used per day
  • Order Pattern (how much do they order per time frame)
  • Product Packaging
  • Are they happy with their current program?
  • Polymer use in program (clarification, dewatering, etc.)
    • If dewatering what type of equipment is used (belt press, DAF, etc.)
  • Are any inorganic or body fillers used in the treatment process?
    • If so for what purpose (ph adjustment or clarification, ect.)?
    • If so what quantity (ppm) or to what ph?
  • Are they using any coagulants for phos removal (ex. alum, ach, pac) and at what dose?