Water Treatment

From potable water systems to boiler water systems to cooling water systems, Fort Bend Services has water treatment solutions for all of your water treatment needs. Our chemical products, along with regular service visits and water analyses, provide unparalleled value by maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing equipment downtime and water costs. Fort Bend can deliver turnkey systems, coupled with in-service training, that facilitate maintenance and daily operations of all water related equipment.

Boiler Systems

Fort Bend Services provides the chemical products, equipment, service and experience to control corrosion and deposition on boiler tube surfaces. Also, our boiler programs lead to reduced operational costs by reducing maintenance, fuel and water consumption. Fort Bend's president serves on the ASME Boiler Advisory Board, Executive Board of the International Water Conference and is a NACE Corrosion Specialist. This is invaluable experience at your disposal when diagnosing and rectifying difficult boiler issues.

Cooling Water Systems

Fort Bend Services water treatment program protects all aspects of your cooling water system by controlling deposition, corrosion and microbiological growth. Our water treatment program is applicable to all cooling system designs including open recirculation systems, once through systems and closed loops. Also, we offer cleaning services to optimize the efficiency, reliability and maintenance of your cooling water equipment.


Many of today's water systems have very specific water quality criteria that must be met in order to achieve maximum efficiency and equipment lifespan. Starting with the highest quality water is the first step. Fort Bend Services manufactures, installs, and maintains water softeners, filters, deionizers, and reverse osmosis units.


Fort Bend Services maintains its own laboratory, for immediate sample turn around, that has the capability of ppb steam purity analysis, deposit analysis, ion exchange analysis, membrane autopsies, deaerator performance testing as well as a full line of standard water analyses. We also offer Legionella testing programs to insure the safety of your customers and staff.

Our experienced and dedicated staff makes Fort Bend Services stand out from other water treatment companies. We provide unrivaled service and value to treat any water issues that our customers encounter.