Custom Chemical Treatment Program for Poultry Plant Wastewater

Custom Chemical Treatment Program for Poultry Plant Wastewater

One of our significant projects here at Fort Bend Services was installing a wastewater treatment system at a poultry processing plant. In addition to developing the chemical treatment program, we specified the equipment and oversaw the installation. Fully compliant with local regulations, our sludge management system lowered the facility’s overall treatment costs while reducing effluents to permissible levels for discharge to the city wastewater plant.

In-field jar testing and laboratory measurement of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) helped us determine the most efficient means of reducing contaminants. Sized and configured to effectively remove suspended matter from their daily wastewater volume, we installed two dissolved air flotation units as well as the polymer mix tanks and feed pumps for dosing the wastewater with liquid polyamine coagulant as well as two day polymers, one cationic dry, the other anionic dry. Within four months this system reduced the sludge amount generated by more than 50% while lowering overall treatment costs. After a decade of hard use, this system is still fully functional and sufficiently treating the wastewater well within allowable local standards.

Our demonstrated technical expertise and effective project management proved beneficial to this client in the food processing industry, and they have since been using us for all chemical treatment projects across all of their plants.

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Custom Chemical Treatment Program Project Highlights

Project Scope

Reduce the amount of sludge production at a poultry plant.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Site Field Testing:

  • Jar tests were performed using a four stage gang stirrers.
  • Water from jar tests were sent to have BOD test run on thru.
Water Treatment Equipment Used

FBS helped to install, polymer mix tanks, polymer feed pumps and associated piping that connected to 2 dissolved air flotation units.

Water Treatment Chemicals Used

A liquid coagulant (polyamine) and two day polymers were used to treat water. One Cationic dry and one anionic dry.


Reduced the sludge amount generated by 50 %
Lowered overall treatment costs

Industry for Use


Project Time Frame

Installation of DAF units, mix tanks, feed pumps, and piping took about 4 months to complete.

Plant Location


Industry Standards Met

Wastewater Quality was improved enough to allow effluent to be discharged to the city wastewater plant.