Water & Wastewater Treatment Examples of Our Work

At Fort Bend Services, we provide customized water treatment services specifically designed for industrial, institutional and municipal customers.

Let us show you how we can help with your water treatment needs.

We serve industries such as Chemical, Petroleum, Municipalities, Hospitals, Institutional Facilities and Grease Traps.

  • We provide equipment such as filters and automatic feed units.
  • For corrosion control, we have phosphates and phosphonates and polymeric programs.
  • We will create an individualized treatment program specifically designed for your water source.

Boiler and Cooling Applications

FBS provides the chemical products, equipment, service and experience to control corrosion and deposition on boiler tube surfaces. Our boiler programs also lead to reduced operational costs by reducing maintenance, fuel and water consumption. This will help optimize your operational efficiency and extending the life of your boiler.

Cooling Water Systems

FBS water treatment programs protect all aspects of your cooling water system by controlling deposition, corrosion and microbiological growth.

Our water treatment programs are applicable to all cooling system designs including open re-circulation systems, once through systems and closed loops. We have online real time monitoring and cleaning services to optimize the efficiency, reliability, maintenance and energy savings of your cooling water systems.

Our capabilities include an in house laboratory, water and deposit analysis, Ion Exchange Resin Analysis and Environmental and Biological Analysis.